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Spartans 3 Trading Corporation is one of the Philippines’ leading distributors of rescue and safety equipment. We are dedicated to serve the Philippine community by providing LGUs and private sector with the highest quality, most durable, reliable and technologically advanced rescue and safety equipment. We value people’s lives and always envision our community to be a safe and highly-organized place to live in and to do business. That is why we continuously innovate our solutions through research and by applying the most cutting-edge technology and safety standard.

We always strive to be a service-oriented company by supporting different areas in our field of expertise such as: Fire and Safety, Law and Enforcement, Rescue Operations and Traffic and Lighting Systems.

Our Products

Our products are dedicated to save lives and protect citizens.

We make sure that are products are highly-engineered and passed strict compliance with local and international safety standards. It is a result of an extensive research of the best practices in the rescue and safety solutions field and through partnership with top rescue and safety equipment manufacturers in the global market.

Our People

Our people is our key to our success.

In our business, we believe that a good team of working individuals is crucial in providing an exemplified services to our clients. We strictly follow best practices and guidelines in hiring and retaining the right person to the job.

Our team of professionals are guaranteed to excel in their field of expertise, they have sound knowledge and wide practical experience in appropriate work environments. On top of that, our employees possess good values and has strong work ethics. They care about doing an excellent job and consider the wellness and safety of the people that they work for.


“VEPRO”, Life saving equipment, foldable pressure chambers for divers, pit bags for rescue of persons who have fallen in wells, lifting bags for rescue of persons, floating bags, slide and jumping sheets, emergency chutes and rescue islands; fire extinguishers; safety helmets; safety goggles; protective gas masks; liquid and dust vacuums for industrial use; potentiometers; by-pass, gate pressure, pressure reduction, interruption, relief, automatic safety check and safety valves.


Vetter’s rescue products provide maximum functionality for all deployment scenarios, even under the most extreme conditions. In our product range, you will find powerful rescue tools and clever pneumatic tents that impress professionals. Developed to meet the needs of fire brigades and civil defence organisations, or of special missions for various other relief organizations worldwide.


Besides our wholesale function we launched our own pistol. Since 2009 the ISSC M22 cal. 22lr is available in different designs. Additionally we supply our self-developed rifle model MK22 since 2010.


Hurst® Jaws of Life rescue systems have been instrumental in saving thousands of lives throughout their 30 year history. From race track beginnings in 1972 to the rescue heroes of today, Jaws of Life systems travel with more than 35,000 rescue squads, fire and police departments throughout the world.


Rescue equipment must always work perfectly. In 1972 LUKAS was the first manufacturer to produce a hydraulic cutter and today our rescue tools are still made in Germany. LUKAS products are used around the world, demonstrating their special quality every day.

Our Products

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